This symposium has the purpose of debating the dento-alveolar and suture expansions, the illuminating indicators, and the limits and restrictions of these procedures when they are executed in order to win space to correct crowding. At present, the physiologic and a esthetic limits are being surpassed, causing great damage to the patients. It is necessary that a group of prominent specialists of Orthodontics and Facial Orthopedics give their opinions to this respect so that young, unexperienced professionals can acquire more knowledge.
Searching for conclusions with respect to this subject, there will be discussion between teachers and specialists trying to formulate fundamental concepts.
Independently from these concepts which should be agreed upon by the participants, each one of them has to write a chapter that should enrich the described postulates. Clinical cases should be presented exemplifying the indications, contraindications, successes, and failures of the expansions.
Each one of the participants to the Symposium can present one or more cases according to this its preference.
The conclusions, together with the respective authors, will be published in the Journal of Orthodontics, and possibly in a special edition of the International Dental Press. Professor Alexander Jacobson, one of the exponents, proposed the publication and summary in the American Journal of Orthodontics.
Cléber Bidegain Pereira, C.D.
Specialist in Ortodontia


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