Orthodontic coments       
CLINICAL CASES:     Clinical caseis of the Orthodontics 
                                       Clinical cases of the expansion 
                                       Clinical cases of Extaction 
                                                      New Digital Camara 
13 Congresso Brasileiro de Ortodontia e Ortopedia Facial 
VI  Computer Simposio 
20 Meeting of the ABOR 
1o Meeting of  Computer  Paraguay in Orthodontics 
Meeting of Oral Reabilitation 
V Simpósio of the Computer in the Orthodontics 
Extracion and not Extraction - Workshop 
7º JOS da ABORGS e  2º Meeting of the Computer in the Orthodontics   
4o Seminary -  Fóruns 
4° Seminary fo the Community od Orthodontics 
4° Seminary of Pictures in Orthodonticsd 
Orto Review 40 years 
110 Meeting of the Brazilian Orthodontics (coments) 
X Seminary of Brazilian in Radiology in Dentistry 
Meeting of the Maceió - Photografy 
7O  Meeting  of the  ALADO and VI Meeting of the SAO 
7O  Meeting of the ALADO and VI Meeting of the  SAO - Photografy
EXPANCION AND EXTRACTION  Extracion and not Extraction - Workshop 
Expancion inadequate 
Extraction and not Extraction - Lecture in Bs. Aires  
Expancion  -   Symposium

           Message of New Yars 

        7º JOS of the ABORGS and 2º Meeting of the Informatic in Orhotodontic 
        Expansion  -   Symposium    

          V Symposium of the Informatic in Orhotodontic and Facial Orthopedic  

          Extracion and not Extracion - Workshop     

           Cases of the Extraction in Orthodontics  

          Clinical Cases  in Orthodontics  

          Clinical Cases  of incorrect expand  

          4o Sympósium Informatic in Orthodontics  
          New   Digital  Camara  

         Internacional Curso of the Prof. Dr. A. Jacobson in SOGAOR 
        Paper of the  Prof. Joel  in the Dental Press 

          3 o Edition of the  Cephalometric Radigraphy Introduction     
           History of Cephalometric       

         Informations above autorais law in Internet 

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       Eletronics Methodo  for avaluate the number of the hours use the HG     

         20 Meeting  of the  ABOR    

         Seminary in Comunitary Dentistry  

         Pictures fo the  40 Seminary in Comunitary Dentistry    

      Avaliation of the facial profile pattern for Brasilian negroes       

       Vertical Cephalometric Avaliation in Maxillary Disjuncion 

       Orto Review 40 yars    

        110 Congress  Brasileiro of the Orthodontics (coments)   

          X  Jornada Brasileira in Dentistry Radiography      

         Congress of the Maceió - Pictures     
      7O  Congress of the ALADO and  VI Congresso of the SAO  

         7Congress of the ALADO and VI of the SAO  -  Pictures  

        Extractions and not Extracitons   ( Lecture in Buenos Aires )  
      1o Congress Paraguayo of the Informatic in Orthodontics   

      News  of the Society of Paraguay Orthodontics 
       Curse os the Digital  in Paraguay 

      Especialis  in  Society of Gaúcha de Ortodontia   

      CD-R - Introduction of Cephalometric Radiography 

        Cephalogram of the  Björk 

       New  CD-R - Digital Image 

         Fisiologic wear 

          Great paper of other autors    

          Internet and homepages ( for beginning  ) 

           Capture  Digital Image      
        Curses of Informatic in Orthodontic in  SPO   

        News of the  Fouchard Academy   
          News of the  SPO 
           News of the ALADO  

         News of the  SOGAOR    

           News of the Sociedade Argentina de Orodontia   

          News of the Sociedade Odontológica Argentina    

         Brief Currículo of Cleber:  

       Some paper of Cléber   

        Some curses  of Cléber 

        Informática e Ortodontia    

       Impressos e Digitais 

     Expectative of the Orthodontic Treatment     

     Anthropology and Orthdocontic     

      Growth   ( Study in the Burlington Material  )   

      Nomenclatura of the Portuguesa language  ( Toodh ) 

      Homenage of the  Autor   

       Occurence of the Orthodontics Life  

        Pannain  Medal  -  General relations of honorables 

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