A typical case in that would have to have been made 4 bicuspid extractions. But, the case was treated with expansion,  being divulged that " today are not done more extractions..."
Telerradiografia initial - 08/02/96  
Inferior Incisor in good posição  
1 - NB = 5 mm.  
Discreet protrusion of Superior 
Presence of third molars.   
Severe dental apinhamento.  
An evident case for extrations   
of 4  first bicuspid ( 14, 24, 24 and 44 ).  
 For 3 years,  are expanded the arcades superior and inferior, so much  
in the traverse and the postero-anterior direction.  The result is  
demonstrated in procced imagens:  
Current pictures - July 1999 - after 3 years of expansion. Lower Caninos  (33 and 43) and Right Central  
Incisor (41 )  with several retraction.   
If now the teeth are already out of its bases bony, so much no  traverse sense how much protusion  
Incisor, as it would be if it continued with the same mechanics? 
  Current Cefalograma - July 1999 -  
The proctution of the Lowe Incisor is  4 mm.  
1 - NB = 5 mm. Iniciais  
1 - NB = 9 mm. Atual  
When beginning the treatment the Lower Incisor  they were normal, just 1 mm. the plus, do  
that the 4 mm. suggested by Steiner.  
Three years of expansion and the incisive inferior are with 9 mm.  they were protruídos 4 mm.  
It was transformed in a protrusion incisal that impedes the good he closes normal lips.   
                                                    1 - NB = 5 mm. Initial  
                                                    1 - NB = 9 mm. Atual 
           The superior arch  was expanded + 7 mm                         The  arcade inferior  was expanded + 8 mm 
In the inferior dental arch  there was expansion postero-anterior of 4mm. and  traverse expansion of 8 mm.
Even so the teeth are still very packed and there is not space for the third molars.
  Presence of third molars.  
If it went successe to correct the growding, is  
necessary extracion of the third molars.  Therefore  
the case would be of extraction.  
Thus, with it is improper expansion, such harmful  
for the patient, equal would fall in a case of  

                                                         A youth's girls,  with 17 years. 

  Two and a half years  ( 2.5 ) of expansion.  
The tood they were removed of its bone bases.  
The rootses of the Canines and Loweer Incisors  
they are without alveolar bone covering, they  
can be seen by transparency.  
The retraction  in the Superior Canine it is a  
All this damage to say that the case  
it is done without extractions, and now é  
necessary to extract the four third molars.... 


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